Send image through SMTP email body not as an attachment

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I want to insert an image inside a table in SMTP email body. How to achieve this?
Can somebody please help me on this


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Please find the below link:

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I have read this post. My requirement is to send image through email body not as an attachment


Please find the attached workflow.

ImageInSMTPMailBody.xaml (13.5 KB)

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@Suchi3190 what is image content id ? I have gone through your XML file but was not able to understand what content id you are assigning?

If content id is the name of image excluding the file extension then I tried with your XML file still I was not able to show the image in email body. Please see the screenshot of email.
Please note I’m sending it through smtps.

first create a html file as your email content template. and you can set the img url as a parameters in the template if your image is dynamic.

then set that html file as the mail content in the activities.

If you can work with outlook, we can use below custom activity: