Send Exchange Email as High Importance


Has anyone had experience in sending an email via the Exchange activity? I found other posts in the forum for Outlook, however, my requirement must use Exchange.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @bradsterling,
Sending mails with use of Exchange activities are very similar to other like Outlook, Lotus or IMAP. The only difference is that you need to provide additional parameter for domain, password and username of exchange account.


Thanks for the response.

I’m using the below assign activity:

mailMess.Headers(“Importance”) = “High”

I’m not getting the desired result. I’ve referenced another article to try and set the Importance header.

I’ve also tried Invoke Method but it hasn’t worked. I get the error

MailMess does not have a public instance method named ‘Headers’ matching the parameters type

Can you please suggest how to set the importance to high? I’ve tried High Importance flag in outlook but need the importance as high.

Please have a look at this topic:

Here you should find the solution.