Selecting Values from the Given Range of Numbers

Hi … I am having a range of Values like (15-28) . I need to select all the values between that range from the list as on below image.please suggest a way to select. Capture

When you say “select”, are you referring to getting the data to read and/or perform operations? If so, use the Read Range activity and set the range from the datatable you want to read. Make sure Add Headers is unchecked when reading the data.

Do I understand correctly that you want to select only some of the lines, based on the values on the first column of the excel table ?
You cannot filter them directly in the read range activity, based on values. Use a Read Range, then a “for each” activity to loop through each of the lines of the table and compare the item(0) with your desired number range (eg. 15-28)

I didnt understand correctly what you wanted to do, but in the end, what you might be looking for is:

  • Assign activity with a yourDataTable.Select(“[NameOfYourColumn] >= 15 AND [NameOfYourSecondColumn] <= 28”) this will return an Array of DataRows, with all rows that meets that criteria.

I can develop further more this answer if that’s the case you need.