Selecting value from multimeter

Hello all here I want to select value from multimeter screen… I can not able to select using get text, get visible text, get OCR text,
please suggest …which activity should I use?

Hi @dhanashree22 ,

Try with computer vision activities.

yes i tried … but i cannot get the values

Can you attach sample image you are referring to.


You may need some paid ocr’s which has the machine learning support like microsoft vision, UiPath document Understanding etc.,


As an alternative you can also train a model with Python and later you can integrate with UiPath

Hope this may help you



We can try with get ocr text activity with OMNIPAGE OCR engine

To get that ocr go to design tab-> manage packages-> all packages-> search for UiPath.OmniPage.Activities

Install it and use that ocr engine in get ocr text

This will help you get the value you want

Cheers @dhanashree22


thanx its work for me…

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Thank you so much sir… its working too good and taking dynamic value also

hello all here I have one variable… which having stored values as “11.8” but this is runtime value. I want to pass with sendhotkey.? how it is possible? please help

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