Select suitable datatype to go in queue

All ,
below is going to be my queue item ,
as you can see i have given the data type also along side.
reference is a string that is ok .
but the specific content ?
as you can see , the data repeats in block of three. there can be N blocks s
we can keep K as key (string type ) and
value as an array list
where AL (0) is a 2 dimensional string
AL (1) is an one dimensional integer.
and a list of such dictionary as the specific content.
but the problem here is while serialising and upload in queue its fine but while de=serialising am getting eror
Message Box: Unable to cast object of type ‘Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JArray’ to type ‘System.String’.
obviously coz there are no implict casting can happen here
am not sure how to tackle this,
either choose any other simpler data structure or find a way to reserialize the array list object
any thoughts would greatly help

i got the answer , while deserialsing the dictionary type cant be (string , (list (AL)). instead it should be (string , newtonsoft.json.linq.Array. then couple of “desrialise json array” activity will lead us to the 2-dimonsional array. then simply deserailising(the jsonstring) to a 2-dimionsional array will give the actual 2 dimonsional array. then i can loop through all the items in the string()().
same logic for int()

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