Select Item with Space in the String

Hello All,
I still couldn’t solve this issue. I have a drop down list for example “antera”, “alta”,“white”,“tco” and “boston gas”. and I have a list “alta”, “tco”,“boston gas” whose values are to be extracted selecting from the drop down. The select item activity works fine for “alta” and “tco” but for “boston gas” its throwing an error saying that couldnt find it in the list although both the strings are same. I do not understand why. I tried Find childern activity and then comparing with the required list but that didnt work too. Please find the logic in the file (27.3 KB)
Please let me know what wrong I am doing.

Thank you

HI @shivnagsudhakar,

Refer this one,

in Xaml file Provided url not able to access i hope that one is internal purpose.


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