Select Date from Datatable with different datatypes

I’m trying to select dates > today for a specific column. However, the column MAY or MAY NOT be in datetime format (read from an Excel file). For example below:

29 March 2019
12 June 2019

If today is 1 May 2019, I’d only expect the last 2 dates to be picked out. There are also many other columns apart from this one, so building a datatable isn’t too feasible.

Is there a Select() Function that includes somewhat of a TryParse so that the String values (eg. 19Mar-20Mar) formats are ignored?

PS. I’ve used the Filter DataTable Activity too, but it isn’t working as expected. Excel read some dates as DateTime, while others aren’t, even though they are in the dd/MM/yyyy format. Hence the DataTable does not select those rows which may fulfill the criteria of date > today.