Select Columns in Excel sheet

Hi Team,

I have excel file with 10 column i need to select 5 columns randomly out of 10 columns
Can anyone tell how to do this.

you can mention the range for 5 columns in read range.
Randomly means. how you choosing the column.

Column index 1,5,6,8,9 like that


You can make use of column index property of Get row item activity .and pass the int variable .

my requirement is to select the 5 columns out of 10 and copy that in to another sheet

create a new datatable or existing datatable and add these value then use write range and pass the datatable.

How to add the whole column value into data table


It will add the new column in the existing datatable or new datatable

I need to select the 5 columns value and copy to another sheet of excel

Declare DataView in Variables,
dt = DataView.ToTable(false, “Col1”, “Col5”, “Col6”, “Col8”, “Col9”)

Hi @jothyprasanth.m,
Do you find any solution for this.
Thank you.

hi, i have a Excel file i need to interchange entire column names, can any one help me.

like Example----- A MUST BE G

Selective Columns from Excel using UiPath - YouTube… Have a look at this link… It will solve your problem!

Hi @AnnaKarthi,

You have any sample flow