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I am creating a form using selectboxes using UiPath.Forms.Activities, and I need to have a checkbox called selectAll that will check all of the selectBoxes which are populated by a list of strings, but I cant figure out how to do this. I have tried conditionals:

“conditional”: {
“calculateValue”: “value = true”,
“when”: “data.selectAll”
“eq”: “true”

“conditional”: {
“calculateValue”: “value = true”,
“when”: “data.selectAll”
“eq”: true

and advanced logic…
“logic”: [
“name”: “if true”,
“trigger”: {
“type”: “simple”,
“simple”: {
“value”: true,
“when”: “selectAll”,
“eq”: “true”
“actions”: [
“name”: “then true”,
“type”: “value”,
“value”: “true”

but I can’t get it. Does there need to be a javascript onChage function or something to check the state of the selectAll checkbox? If the selectAll checkbox is successfully able to use the conditionals on the display property, shouldn’t it be possible to assign the truth value to the selectBoxes in the same way? This doesn’t work though. I’ve noticed that lots of other people have asked this question, and gotten no solution. Please help

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The select all button will be an external button or inside drop-down?

Hi @Stephanie_Rimel ans @Nithinkrishna ,

I have been trying to find a solution on this, but as of now I don’t see any possible workarounds.

The Form Designer documentation is definitely poorly written and does not provide much help in understanding the syntax to be used for Json triggers or to modify json component via JavaScript.

I have also gone through numerous threads in the forum all of them are dead ends. I am sure that such a basic function definitely exists ( choose one select box and rest of the unselected once are selected) but sadly the documentation does not help us much.

  1. There is an excellent starter tutorial on using form designer by @rahulsharma

Orphan thread
2. How do I make a "Select All" checkbox with Forms?

Not exactly what you are looking for
3. UiPath Form with Checkboxes to be filled with multiple values - #2 by andrey.egorov
4. How to use select boxes? - #8 by AshwinS2

Nonetheless, this was an excellent question. I got to learn a lot about how UiPath.Form activities work. Thank you for that.


I did find a workaround, it worked well enough for my purposes anyway. In the data tab of my selectboxes, I set a shortcut key that is the same for every checkbox, so I can just use ctrl+B to select all the checkboxes,

and then I created a reset all button which allows the user to deselect the checkboxes.

Not exactly what I was looking for but a suitable workaround. I hope this helps someone.


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Hi @Stephanie_Rimel,

That’s great!
Could it be possible for you to share some screenshots of your workaround? I am sure many people will benefit from it.

Screenshots of your triggers and how you use the two buttons as the workaround.

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Hi @Stephanie_Rimel / @jeevith ,

This can be implemented using advanced logic. Please find the attached project containing a working example.
Sample (14.1 KB)

I have also created a tutorial for this feature



This is amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time show us how to solve this, it is greatly appreciated <3

Hi I uploaded some documentation of my workaround but Pragadeeswaran definitely has the best solution. Thanks guys!

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