SecureString parameter

Hi all,
I have a robot which accepts an Input Parameter whose DataType is SecureString. When I want to start this process, I have to pass the parameter in Orchestrator. But I have no idea how to pass it, as it prompts that

For parameters of type ‘SecureString’, a valid JSON must be provided

, as shown below:

How can I write it correctly? Thanks!

Hi @Jo.Ou

Would this help, maybe?

I also found out that this will be corrected in future versions, as it is true for all complex variables.

I don’t think this is a good approach in security perspective because Orchestrator UI is heavily built on JavaScript and pure Javascipt doesn’t provide secure way of working with encrypted data.

If you want to pass your password securely as input argument then I don’t think this approach would be a best practice.

Why don’t you consider using Credential asset? Just pass that asset name as string input argument to your workflow, instead of SecureString input argument. With that way you can read your credential information dynamically and securely within your process using GetCredential activity.



and one more thing, due to the nature of SecureString type, it works in protected memory so it cannot be serialized thus means you cannot have string representation of SecureString instance variable which leads us it cannot be represented as proper json string. Unless you develop some wrapper to have a string/serializable representation of that type which can alos cause security breach and you take the responsibility of keeping password secure.

Some useful information is below

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