Secure String out_Password argument found. SecureString arguments are not recommended

Hii, All i’m getting stuk in my client security Assignment anyone plz hlp


As per the Analyzer or Best Practice it’s not recommended to use Secure String to a argument, but use the Secure String with in a scope

Check below for the Rules description

Hope this may help you


Hi @Neha_Singh1 ,

By default the mentioned rules are errors and correctly mentioned by @Srini84 best practice is do not use your securestring in argument and should not pass one work flow to another.

If you still go with your code and want to run your process you can go to workflow analyzer and change the type from error to warnings for these couple of rules so that you will be able to run the process from studio. Thanks.

@Srini84 , @kirankumar.mahanthi1 Thanks to both of u for , now my project is running

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