Search and Get string from pdf


I would like to extract account number from a pdf. I used a read PDF text Activity to get the whole pdf in a text. So the number I want to extract is found after the string "Account number : ". So I need to extract each account number there is in the pdf.


Hi there,
I think what would be best here is to create a regex expression, reference .NET Regex Reference - Regex Storm.
UIPath has a great regex pattern builder that helps you, but its always good to reference some documentation. You may use “Matches” activity in studio and build a pattern. For example, if you know your account # always have 8 digits, you could use a pattern as the one below. You may also use the test text to test what the regex pattern is recognizing. This activity will then output all the matches it has found in a list.

Hi @efleurent,

Where can I find the RegEx Builder? Thanks

Search for “matches” in activities.

its in the activities. Then you configure within.