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Hello, I have a Googlesheets file on my Google Drive with 2 sheets, my robot pastes thousands of records to the main sheet, and the second sheet do complex calculations and functions. I am trying to read the secnd sheet to continue my robot activities and teh challenge I am facing now is that Googlesheet does not do ALL the calculations untill I scroll down manually to the end of the sheet (I pause the flow of acitvities and manually open the sheet and scroll all the way to the end of teh sheet, and then ask UIPath to continue the rest of teh activities). I did try the Delay activitiy with few minutes but it failed. Is there away to automote scrolling down to teh ened of the sheet plz? I am open to other suggestions if any. Thank you.

To scroll down have you tried clicking on any cell and press shift + end or shift + down from hotkey.

I need to automate these clicks, this is what I am seeking. Any idea how can I do that plz? Which activities can I use to open the Google Sheet and send the Shift+End keys?

There is no such activity to automate it but you can download it in xlsx format in your local system and use the normal excel activity to automate it and once all calculation done upload it back to google drive.
Are you trying to do automation on web directly ?

Thank you, and yes in fact I was trying to automate it on web directly. I’ll try to download as suggested. Thank you dear.

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Anytime :slightly_smiling_face:

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