Screen scraping & empty text

Hello folks,

I’m not very experience with data scraping.
What is my case.
I have the PDF document (this is a standard form where some fields can be filled in while other not)
I need to scrape most of the information also those about empty fields. But when the fields are empty I have an error message: Scrape returned empty text

See example:
Ship Date is filled in and it is working
Departure date is empty and I can not store this information

What I should do to be able store also empty text?

~WRO3844.pdf (422.9 KB)

DATA (3.2 KB)


Refer the attached xaml

PDF.xaml (8.9 KB)

Hi @kranthiv

This is unfortunately not what I want to receive at all.
I’m looping the mailbox taking attachments.
Firstly I need to classify them and I’m doing it based on the information which are on them.
Departure Date - empty LAND FORM
ETA Date - empty OCEAN FORM

I do not know how I can in practice use your solution