Scrapping data


I’m trying to do this:


Check if for the Range of dates superior to today (+ 2 months), all value in the last column are equal, or the difference between the First and the last one is less that 5%

Your query is not clear, what exactly you want ? Are you facing any error or issues ?


I need to check if for the Column “Date echeance”, if for each dates which are superior to (todays date + 2 months) (ex: 12/24/2018) then the respective values in "Montant total are equalsETAPE 112.xaml (9.7 KB)

Which line is throwing this error ? Can you also share the excel sheet ? Looks like some data issue.

it is the assign “daterow” but i think that i had made a mistake row(0) not row(1)

i had remade the code but the comparaison does not fonctiontest.xlsx (10.2 KB)
ETAPE 112.xaml (10.1 KB)