Schedule Orchestrator to run on 5th working day of the month

Hi there,

I would like to know if there are options to schedule process to start based on factory calendar.
E.g.: the process only runs once a month, but just on the 5th work day… Is it possible?


Hi Tiago,

For this, you’ll need to use Cron expressions. The generator I rely on is

For example, your scenario, 0 0 9 5 * ? * would work. This runs on the 5th day of every month, at 9am. 0 0 0 5 * ? * would run at midnight of the 5th day of the month.

0 0 0 5W * ? * would work for the nearest weekday to the 5th of the month, but I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure on getting it to run on exactly the 5th working day of the month, as I’ve never had this as a requirement.

Have a play around on the link above and see if you can get your exact requirement, but hopefully the above examples should help you!


Hi @tiago,

If you know the exact date & time to run the bot according to that we can able to schedule it.
There we have one more option other than this i.e.,using Cron expression


With the current Options in Orchestrator we dont have any provision to schedule for 5th working day of every month.

but you can try this one if you have any suggestions like specific day(like 1st wednesday, 2nd thursday or date)

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Ty so much for your answer Josh! I’m going to give it a shot…

Hi @tiago

I am facing same problem and not able to find accurate solution for scheduling process on 5th working day of the Month. Have you got the solution to run the process on every 5th working day of the month?

Thank you.