Schedule a process three times a day

I would like to schedule a process to run three times a day at specific times 8am 11am 2pm

My robot is unattended robot.

is this option not available in uipath ?

You will have to write an CROn Expression


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when i use cron expression it only allows to be scheduled for every three hours

0 0 0/3 1/1 * ? *

but i want it three times a day only not for every three hours of the day

hope that you get my point

Do you have a specific interval when to Run ? or a fixed time … means what is criteria - you want to run process thrice ?

yes at

8am 11am 2pm

so every three hours only three times a day


Below is an approach , Not sure if this is optimum , You can have a look.

With the above mentioned CRON - The Process will start at 8 and Run at 8 , 11 and 2 .

And then we have to Keep a count of Execution i.e 3 in our case.

We can have variable/ value mentioned somewhere outside say in a excel - The Program starts and Verify the Count in that Excel / Notepad , If less that 3 Trigger the Process else Stop the process.

when executing for the first time , the Count will be zero and after each execution the count increment by 1.

This count has to reset everyday to Zero.


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Will give it a try and get back to you
Thank you dear