This Package Contains Two Activities:

  1. Send Outlook Mail

  2. Send Outlook Mail With Image

  3. Send Outlook Mail Activity is used to send mail with Attachemnt. Here you can pass String Array of File Path to attach Multiple Items.

  4. Send Outlook Mail With Image is used to send mail with embedded image in Email. Here Images need to pass in Dictionary<String,String>. It only support html BODY. use this tag to use image in Email .

Package: SB.OutlookMail.Activities
Author: @Santan_Barnwal


Hi @Santan_Barnwal Santan!
Thank you for this awesome activity! :grin::grin::grin:

After an hour or so of frustration, I found that this works well (2. Send Outlook Mail With Image) but, only when using the following img html tag VERBATIM :

<img src="cid:key"/>

When I try to use my own dictionary key/value pair, the “cid:myKey” does not work.

However, thank you for the work of getting outlook to respect an inline/in-body html embedded image , that was not possible for us before now.

Finally - one feature request that would have significantly helped our troubleshooting steps when we were struggling to format the input parameters :

File not found / doesn’t exist” exception message thrown by your activity should specify the ‘attachement’ string[] or the <img “cid:key”> … so it should inform the developer which of the inputs were wrongly supplied


Hi @Santan_Barnwal,

Thank you for the post, why I couldn’t see the package in my system and how do I install it:





Hi Can you please share the xaml file with your embed image code in it. Would be grateful. Thanks