Saving file - read from user's input

Hi guys, I am not too sure whether the topic title accurately describes the rookie problem that I am having atm.

At the moment, my flow is going okay except for one problem. As soon as it is launched, it asks for the user to input 6 digit matter number. I have defined it as a variable string, called it ‘matternumber’.

Through out the process, it creates a PDF file. During the process of saving the pdf file, I want the file name to be:

matternumber 1.pdf (e.g 123456 1.pdf)

So this is what I have atm.

This then occurs.


Ideally, I would like the pdf file to be saved in accordance with the following format.

“Matternumber(6 digits) Date and Time - Default Title”
123456 030917 1230 - Default Title

I gave below a go and it spit out the date and time, except that it gives ‘03/09/2017’ which is not an allowed file name format in Windows.


Again, I thank you for your advice in advance and apologies for asking rookie question(s).



I don’t see any value assigned to matternumber variable :roll_eyes:.
If value fetched from other source then make sure it’s not returning null.

Hi @ddpadil,

Do you mind telling me what needs be done here, what goes where. I have 0 knowledge in programming…



please pass the value against the varible as show.

Thanks mate. Works perfectly.