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Hi guys I want to save this PDF file to another path how can I do that?

Hi @shanti_18

Give the path in the File Path to save as field in the save document as pdf activity.

Give the path like below as where you want to save like below


Hope it helps!!

will it work like this ?

in_config(“OutputFolder”).ToString + Convert.ToString +“.pdf”

Hi @shanti_18

Can you tell me what does the currentitem contains and the input folder contains?


May be in convert variable there is a path of input folder right, how can you save it to output folder.

If you have the output folder path in config.

Then give like below,

in_config(“OutputFolder”).ToString+"\"+CurrentItem.ToString +".pdf"

Hope you understand!!

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currentitem = files of the array

Okay @shanti_18

If the CurrentItem has file path then you want to get the file name from it,
Use CurrentItem.Name.toString

Try the below sytax,


→ inConfig(“OutputFolder”) contains the Output folder path in config file where you want to save the output file.
→ CurrentItem.Name.toString contains the name of the file.
→ .pdf is the file extension to the pdf file.

Hope you understand!!


thanks it works cheersssss

It’s my pleasure… @shanti_18

Happy Automation!!

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