Save email attachment based on Subject specified with numbers like 891 or 878


I have scenario, where i need to save attachment based on Number in Subject of email

For ex:

If i receive email with subject as " Upload data - 891" i need to save attachment with folder name as 891 in C drive

like Above subject i will receive emails with 5 different subject numbers ( 891, 878, 867, 870, 124) and i need to save their attachments in respective folder.

I need a idea to save attachments in C drive based on Numbers in SubjectFlow Folder

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Inside for each loop write like this:

If Item.subject.tostring.contains(“upload data”)
Then use save attachment
Here, specify path: c:\path\item.subject.tostring.split("-". TocharArray)(1)

Thanks @lakshman

Here, i tried your “split code” to view number but it shows an error. I assigned your code {item.subject.tostring.split("-". TocharArray)(1) } to Site and displayed site in message box.

Kindly help here !!!



@Chandru_Ganapathi Can you point to blue mark on assign activity and share screen shot of error and argument type of site variable


Thanks for reminder !!! It works fine Now.
I assigned site variable as Int32 instead of String…



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