Save and Retrieve File

In my scenario whenever bot is run it will download an excel and currently we save it as “File Name_Date” so in later stage we can fetch the same file and perform further operation.

Now we want the bot will be run twice in a day. Could anyone suggest how can I save the file twice for similar day so that it can easily fetch distinctly in both the run.

Thanks in advance.

There are ways to achieve this:

  1. Well One way is to check with path exists activity with file name and if it exists then append a counter it for identification for e.g. “File_Name_Date_1”.

  2. As i knows if you will download the same file name twice and so on windows will keep mark or name like “main(1)”,"main(2). and you can fetch the files from directory on the basis of “creation time”.

or also you can search a similar file name pattern then process them .