Hey guys.
Could you please advise where to look into for troubleshooting? Trying to connect to SAP BAPI, have a SAP technical user, test connection works ok, user has all required authorizations, same user was used for BAPI connection thru LogicApps, but in UiPath it gives as exception:
“RemoteException wrapping SAP.Middleware.Connector.RfcCommunicationException: 00024error during logon.

Hello @DanaKz!

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HI @StefanSchnell

Any ideas here?

Thanks, Lev

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Hello Lev,

RC = Return Code

RFC_RC 18 = RFC_NOT_SUPPORTED, the operation is not supported on that handle.
This is a rather rare error that I have never encountered.

Maybe a parameter is invalid or passed in the wrong format?

Best regards


@DanaKz see the post above, it sounds like something wrong with parameteres.

thanks, @StefanSchnell


Thanks. looking into that.
Here is some more details that may help to understand the issue:

  1. The connection between UiPath and SAP works ok. We can get structure of BAPI with onputs and outputs (see the screenshot 1)
  2. It is possible to replicate the error (RFC_RC:18) on SAP Application Scope (Test Connection button) if you leave password field blank (see the screenshot 2). Connection test responds with green (successful) result if password is provided correctly.

So, there are a few questions:

  1. As it seems that password is not passed to Nco Connection is there a way to “hardcode” it somewhere within the code or make sure it is definitely provided in Invoke SAP BAPI step?
  2. RFC_RC 18 – where did you find those descriptions? Is it part of Nco documentation?
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Hello Dana,

do you send the password as secure string?

(new System.Net.NetworkCredential("", "YourPassword")).SecurePassword

This is a difference between the input in the dialog and in the properties.

Best regards

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Hello Dana,
to your questions:

  1. You have to enter the password manually in the properties. Some time ago I suggested to do this automatically.
  2. Nope, the RFC Return Codes are part of the SAPNWRFC SDK header file. Search with Google for sapnwrfc.h.

Best regards

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@StefanSchnell thank you very much, issue was resolved by using your advice on how to code password string.
@LevKushnir thank you for your help!


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