SAP data extraction error when there are no line items to extract

Hello Team,

I’m using SAP Tcode “FBL3N” for data extraction for multiple GL accounts, but when there is no data available for the given period or for a given GL account; SAP gives the status message “No items selected (see long text)” and my automation ends showing an error message “Select Menu Item ‘Menubar mbar’: Value does not fall within the expected range.”

In reality, I want RPA to look for the next GL code if there is no data available for current GL code. Could you please help me with this error.
I’m using for Each Row condition to read the GL accounts and then if condition to get the each and every GL code. The programme works if there are any line items. I need to extract line item report to excel.


Hi @KiranBole

Before the extraction you can keep a condition like use Get Text activity and get the element where it is showing No Items selected, then use If Condition that If the GetText variable is the same as No Items Selected then skip or else place you logic

Hope this may help you


I think there is a SAP activity called “Read Status Bar” appropriated for this situation.
It would be:
1 - Read Status Bar;
2 - If activity → (strStatus.Equals(“No items selected (see long text)”))
2.1 - Then branch → Continue activity
2.2 - Else branch → Nothing

If you cant find the SAP activity you can use the same logic with a get text, or an element exists.

Hello @dls

Thanks for your reply, “Read Status Bar” activity has resolved the error. Thanks for your quick solution.

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