SAP automation issue

Hi guys,

i have a SAP automation issue. I would like to loop through all those Spool-Nr (please see screenshot).

First: Click the spool-Nr., Second: click on the glasses, and thirdly: Check if there is the name “Schmitt_…”, if so, then download, if not, go to the next Spool number… so in the list below there are for example only two spools with the name “Schmitt_…” and the other names like “Sanakov” are not important for me. Can UiPath loop through all spools and recognize the name “Schmitt_…”? and perform the download only for the “Schmitt_…”? Any idea how to do that?

Thank you very much.

Ok, we can go 2 ways:
1.Easy one use UiExplorer click on the table and check if property rows return a correct number of rows - if yes then pick this solution.
2.Use Get Attribute click on element type attribute rows - the name of parameter from UiExplorer
3. Add assign name is as iterator set it to 0 it is 1st row
4. Now use Retry number of times - as the number of times set value from attribute.
5. In loop - use gets text set it to the column where is value and go to selector - there will be part with row - change it into Var Iterator.
6. Add if for your action
7. After action set Iterator = Iterator+1
(if you don’t have activity repeat the number of times use loop while and set condition true false for your iterator like if iterator < 200 =True it will loop until its True

2nd way:
0.initialize the list of int32
1.Export table to excel
2. Use For each row(in properties set output index of row) after reading range and add if - with its name in the column is like your value add an index to list by add to the collection.
3. Now you have a list let’s go to the SAP
Use for each - enter your list
4. In loop set your actions - change selector row value to value from your list (item) now you are operating only on rows with your value.

Thank you Mikolaj,

where can I find the “property rows”?

I started UI Explorer and clicked on the table in SAP, in the menue I found for example all the spool numbers… But not sure if that means that it will work already… Where can I check if “property rows return a correct number of rows -”?

Click on Table to get rows :slight_smile: and watch this video
Last week I implemented this in company whee I’m working so I know it’s working