Running UiPath Studio .xaml from command line

Hi everybody

I’ve been working on a project with Ui Path Studio and the web recorder. I’ve successfully created an automation. Now though I’d like to automate things a little bit more.

Is there a way I can run the .xaml sequence like from a command line? I don’t care if UiPath Studio has to be open (but minimized). The idea would be to trigger a macro using Evenghost for instance, so that in any given time I can press some keyboard shortcut and then run the project, that’s why I was thinking of the command line, but maybe there’s another way.

Thanks a lot!

I reply to myself, I was able to perform this operation by creating a .bat file and then executing it:

“C:\Users…\UiRobot.exe” -file “C:\Users.…\Sequence.xaml”


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Have you checked into running Agent Assisted Automatons? The template called ‘Agent Process Improvement’ in Studio is a nice place to start. You’re solution works too.

Hey Brad, thanks a lot. I’ll check it out too.