Running JavaScript code on electron browser window

We are using UIPath 2020.10.04

We can be able to easily run any JavaScript code on developer console window (PF12) on an electron browser window in the application.

But we are struggling to run the same via UI Path. We cannot inject JS and was getting an error ‘Inject js not supported for the element’. The application is a desktop application comprising of multiple electron browser windows. We tried opening the dev console and type into activity, but no luck as it probably needs a UI element. Any help is much appreciated

Hey @lokeshwar.manoharan

This looks interesting.

When you indicated the window in the UiExplorer - It got identified as desktop app or html web app.

You can please confirm this by checking the first line of the selector.

For desktop apps it starts with <wnd...

For web apps it starts with <html...


It got identified as a desktop app, even though it has a browser window (electron) which is a html page

Okay so that’s the issue. So what’s the UiFramework you are trying to use ?

Was able to handle that now by pressing PF12

So you mean to say, you achieved it through UiAutomation?

I can use PF12 to open developer window and write any console command