Run a robot from web app


I try to run a local robot from a web app (built by Django).
I tried to follow “UiPath Robot JS SDK” in this link:

But I couldn’t figure out how to start, where to include the Java script mentioned in the guide.
Can anyone explain to me in a simple way how doing it.

Thank you.

Hi @enchirah_maatki!

Did you saw this other post?

Hi @nerlichman ,

Thank’s for your answer :blush:

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No problem! Hope you can work it out.

Let me know if you have any other issue :wink:

Hi @nerlichman,

iI appreciate your answer, thank’s for your time.
Actually, I just want to know where to implement the “UiPathRobot. js” and the async function specially that I use “Django” to develop my web app.

Thank’s :blush: