RPA use cases for bio technology and healthcare

Hello guys…

For a change this time I’m gonna ask a question :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’m working on a research on RPA use cases for bio technology and healthcare to be presented at a meeting…

Any experts know some good use cases in these industries specially in bio tech, would be great if you could share some with me…

Thanks in advance :grinning:


Hey @Lahiru.Fernando
When it comes to healthcare, RPA may be helpful for setting up new product or service.
There are also health systems that can be automated.
Same with biotechnology. There are a lot that can be set up.
Since those two are in the Science field, there are many information that you can collect.
With RPA, analytics may become better, easier, and accurate :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply bro @Jan_Brian_Despi

For healthcare yeah, I found some use cases… What i’m finding difficult is the bio tech… and i don’t have that much of an idea in this bio tech thing :rofl:

Do you know any good examples on what RPA can do for bio tech… for example, what it can do with the data that needs to be collected and analyzed… any good processes that are there which can be automated?


If you find something please share with me also :blush::blush:


haha sure bro!! @sandeep13

I found some use cases for healthcare from different sites including UiPath site… But not yet for bio tech…

For healthcare

Out of these, I summarized the use cases as the most common and the best automation use cases for healthcare :slight_smile:

Will post another update when I find something for bio tech… :slight_smile: