RPA Sri Lanka Meetup - Second Session

Hello all,

I’m proudly announcing that we are having the RPA Sri Lanka second meetup tomorrow January 30th.

Please join us for the event. This time we are having a special guest from UiPath India as well…

Please register on



Priyam came to my client location once and that time I met him.



Yeah… I also met him last month when we did a POC for a client here…

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Congratulations @Lahiru.Fernando bro. You are one of host…



Yeah bro @balupad14… I’m the co-organizer and I also do a speech there :slight_smile:
Because of me, my company is also helping me a lot on this task…

I’m also looking forward for a workshop on the next event… :slight_smile:



congrats bro. keep rocking. :metal: :metal:

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Thanks bro!! :smiley:

The second session of the RPA Sri Lanka was super successful. We had around 60 attendees out of 80 registered. We had really good sessions and was very informative…

As the organizer of the meetups, I’m really happy to see that there is much more enthusiasm in the crowd now and they are willing to participate inland join hands with us to share amazing things…

Special thanks goes to Priyam Mandal from UiPath India for attending the event and sharing amazing thoughts…

Refer the linkedin post here for photos…


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Refer to this video for the media coverage we got…