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Team can you assist me based on your experience about KPI’s related to RPA.

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Hi @mosa_sleeman

Some examples of KPIs that might be relevant for a UiPath-based RPA system include:

  • Time saved: This KPI measures the amount of time that the UiPath-based RPA system is able to save over manual processes.
  • Accuracy: This KPI measures the percentage of tasks that are completed correctly by the UiPath-based RPA system.
  • Cost savings: This KPI measures the amount of money that the UiPath-based RPA system is able to save the organization through the automation of manual processes.
  • Return on investment (ROI): This KPI measures the financial performance of the UiPath-based RPA system by comparing the benefits of the system (e.g., cost savings, time savings) to the costs of implementing and maintaining the system.
  • User satisfaction: This KPI measures how satisfied users are with the UiPath-based RPA system, as determined through surveys or other methods.

The specific KPIs used to evaluate a UiPath-based RPA system will depend on the goals and needs of the organization implementing the system.

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