RPA for Devops Automation

Hello guys I have a query, these days firms including devops skills in job description for RPA Developer position, why is it so what is the connection between RPA and Devops?


If the companies need only RPA developers then they won’t include DevOps
But the position might be more into managing RPA COE to implement the Development and Operations together
That’s the reason they might have included

Hope this may help you


Thankyou Srinivas


DevOps became a thing because often times there is a conflict between developer teams and operations teams.

  • Developer teams want to deliver software improvements frequently, especially in an agile context
  • Operations teams want stability for their deployments, especially in fragile environments

There is also a co-dependency between these teams:

  • Operations teams are dependent on developers to deliver quality software
  • Developers are dependent on operations teams to get feedback on their software

With these issues in mind the core idea behind DevOps is to break down the barriers between development and operations and combine these people into one unified team - DevOps! They work together to achieve all of their goals:

  • Frequent software improvements, that are tested and run smoothly - see also: Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment
  • Quick (agile) cycles of deployment, analysis, feedback and next development iteration
  • Probably even more goals, there is a lot of resources on this online

Does this help?
Best, Lukas