RPA Assignment Problem - exporting/importing files from Access DB

Hi All,

I have a assignment problem which requires some help:-

  1. I have to download zip files from a website - I have already used click triggers
  2. After downloading, I need to extract all csv files inside the zip to a folder (fixed total 4 zip files)
  3. I need to read each csv file and copy-store into 4 separate text files (txt1, txt2, txt3, txt4)
  4. Import the txt files into Microsoft Access Database and click some UI to refresh the tables
  5. Once done, need to copy the values from Access DB to a each worksheet within the workbook
  6. Then create a new worksheet with the current month and date

I could not find a Access activities package in marketplace, was wondering how I would trigger or call this activity.

Hi JH, check this link here got answer for your question.

Hi @Jackson_Hew

Since you couldn’t find any component on marketplace & UiPath does not support Microsoft Access databases natively through its database activities, you can consider the following workaround:

  1. Use the OLE DB provider for Microsoft Access to connect to the database and execute SQL commands.
  2. Export the data from Microsoft Access to a supported database engine, such as Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL, and then use the UiPath.Database.Activities package to interact with the exported data.
  3. Use a third-party connector that provides support for Microsoft Access databases, such as the Jet.OLEDB provider or the System.Data.Odbc namespace.

This doc has some insights on the same:

Also, some information available in the following thread too:

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@arjunshenoy @lakshmigarakapati

Thanks, I will look into the DB activities.

However, I am currently stuck at converting the CSV files to .txt file. How do I read an entire workbook, save to data table and save as .txt?
The name of the files are also different as I need to save 4 different excelworkbooks (with different tables and content) to txt1, txt2, txt3, txt4?