RPA and GenAI use cases

Hi All,

As the genAI is peaking, I was wondering if you have any ideas how to bring these two technologies together

Feel free to share any use cases that you have already built and that you can share with us without having double thoughts that you give away any super valuable billion dollar start up idea

If you are afraid of that then just share the idea in a general manner without specifying exactly what you have built already

Cheers and happy automation

Tech support would be one use case. Having an AI with access to a vast knowledge base, the AI/RPA can then generate replies to customer support questions. Hence customer experience would improve as response times to queries would be fast and would not feel like a generic FAQs reply.

Thanks Ave Salvate Jr

That is interesting and I understand it very well as I worked in a help desk for almost two years.

Can you please go one step further into the how would that work?

I understand that the bot would go through all the Knowledge Base articles one by one and apply a chtGPT promot to it?

Thanks for your reply