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I have 2 excels with 300 records in one excel(i.e Excel 1) and 80 records in another excel(i.e. Excel 2) which outputs are 2 datatables

RequestID in “Excel 1” datatable and RecordID in another “Excel2” datatable values we need to compare if values are same then those records should be present in Excel1 input file remaining records should get deleted

how to design this logic

Thanks in advance

Hi @vinjam_likitha

Please try using the Join Data Table activity for this. You need to select the Inner Join option in order to retain the common data between two data tables.

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Hi @vinjam_likitha

Try this linq query

(From d In Data1.AsEnumerable Where Data2.AsEnumerable.Any(Function (r) d(0). toString.contains(r(0).tostring)) Select d).CopyToDataTable



I tried above linq query but i am not getting the filter data

Can you please recheck it


Hi @vinjam_likitha

It is working for mine
Can you show your code


Please find below xaml for your reference

Electricity (498.1 KB)

@lrtetala its working for me after doing minor changes

(From d In dt2.AsEnumerable Where dt1.AsEnumerable.Any(Function (r) d(“Record Id”).toString.trim.Equals(r(“RequestID”).tostring.Trim)) Select d).CopyToDataTable

After filtering my output excel file contains empty rows how to delete them



Use Filter Data Table activity

Hello @vinjam_likitha

Please check whether the below video can help you to solve the issue.



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