Rollback before Retrying transaction

What is the best way to retry an transaction which had a system exception but exception was thrown in the middle of the transaction.
Let me explain through an example.
The Workflow looks like.

  1. Get Transaction Data
  2. Process an invoice
  3. Make a payment
  4. Update Excel File

So if the system exception is thrown at step 2 or 3, rather retrying the transaction from step. How to “Resume” or rollback the transction.
Where in Framework can i put activities to rollback the transaction?

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Hey @Robott,

Of course, yes.

Both approaches look possible. It is based on how we design it.

One way will be like setting status or flag value with the execution details on which step it failed to resume from the same.

Or just adding a rollback sequence of activities during an exception by means of a try-catch or global exception handler.

This may help

Thanks :slight_smile: