Roll back to a previous GIT commit

Hello all,

I’m connected to a remote GIT repo with my automation project and want to know how to roll back to a previous commit using UiPath. There does not appear to be any specified workflow for this in the UiPath Documentation, or else I’m misunderstanding the process.

How do I do this? Is this possible?

Hi @Mark.Edgeller I don’t know if it is the right answer but there is an option to Amend Previous commit

Hi @Arpit_Kesharwani,

What this does is allow you to alter the message for your last commit.

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You can right click any file in the Project view and click Undo to go to the previously commited version of that file.

If you need to roll your entire branch back to a specific commit, I suggest using an actual Git program. Either just Git CLI or something like Sourcetree.

Hi @JCaravaca,

Thanks for this. When I do as you suggest (right-click a file and select Undo) I get the following:


That’s because you haven’t done any changes in your files, compared to your current commit. It’s working as it should. If you then modify a file, save it, but later want to return to the previous state, you can use Undo.

Ah, yes, then this is not what I’m asking. I want to be able to roll back to a previous commit altogether.

In that case, use Git CLI or something like Sourcetree or any other Git client.