Robot should get a lot of excel sheets and their values in one excel

Hi fellas…

I actually have a simple solution about my question but I also want to make it a little bir more easier.
I will always have an excel which has 12 sheets then Robot will try to get all rows and columns from this excel with whole values but there is a problem for me.
The problem is that I do not want to have 12 datatables to get whole sheets and their values.
Is not there any solution which is kind of Dictionaries.
For example the name of Excel is WholeSheets and Example Sheets are Sheet1,Sheet2,Sheet3
I want to reach any one of them by this : WholeSheets.Sheet1 or WholeSheets.Sheet2

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Hey @Hamit_Dinc,

This is very much possible by means of dictionary and other variants.

Let me know if you want some demo.

(Please provide a sample excel for a demo soln)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Hamit_Dinc,

In that case you could save your sheetnames as keys and the read datatables as values in a dictionary.

Dependency : Microsoft.Activities.Extensions =

Overall approach and choice of variables:

You can adapt the addition to dictionary and reading datatables according to your case.

DictonaryDataTable("Sheet1") is a type Object so we need to convert to a DataTable using DirectCast method.

StoreTablesInDictionary.xaml (12.9 KB)