Robot not listed when running Job via 'Processes' tab in Orchestrator

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My one & only robot is not showing up in the robot list when I was trying to run a job in Orchestrator via the ‘Processes’ tab (see screenshot below). I’ve checked & confirmed the following:

  • Studio & Orchestrator connected, licensed activated.
  • Able to see the current processes in the ‘Process List’ under UiPath Assistant tray
  • Latest package updated in Orchestrator & able to run processes from UiPath Assistant tray
  • Both robot & process is in the same Environment & robot status is ‘Available’

Anything that I missed out? Would appreciate some help/guidance, thanks in advance!

hi @kelip182

Can you please check this post.,

and also you see the below post,


@kelip182 Set robot type "Unattended " robot

Thanks for your reply…changing to ‘attended’ did the trick but I’m getting the following prompt now on UiPath Studio.

Also, when I start the job via Orchestrator, it doesn’t run & not showing in the desktop UiPath tray under ‘Running Processes’…any idea why?

@kelip182 Uipath Community Studio only supports “Unattended” robot type
Do one thing, Restart the studio and remove the machine name and robot name that previously created. And add it all new once again and run the workflow.

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You’re a star!..It’s working now. Thanks!
…Marking this as solution

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Not forgetting your reply…thanks also!

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