Robot Missing Macro Trigger


I am developing a robot designed to open each file in a folder with an .xlsm file extension, run a refresh macro within each file and then close all on a daily basis. I have tried the ‘type into’, ‘execute macro’ and ‘send hotkey’ methods in an attempt to get the “Connect to DB2 Database” box to open that requires credentials to execute the refresh query, but all three have failed. This is a connection to an IBM DB2 server. Does anybody have guidance on why these different methods cannot trigger this box to open while doing it with a click of the mouse on my own works every time?

Thank you - Kyle

Does this connection typically require an excel add-in to function when doing the task manually? There are a number of issues reported on the forum around that.

Have you tried reading the files as excel objects and invoking code rather than opening directly?

The spaces or dashes within file names were replaced with an underscore across the board for consistency. Then by using an excel start process and the ‘type into’ function the macro ran effectively.

So if I understand correctly, the macro runs, but a pop-up box appears during the macro asking you to type in credentials?

If so, try running within a parallel activity. The left should execute the macro. The right side should have a couple Type Into/Click activities to enter the credentials

The credentials requirement box pops up when the macro run trigger is initiated (the ‘type into’ function) - the macro will not run without proper credential submission (and access to the internal database where the information is being populated) - I haven’t completed the full process yet because a virtual machine with its’ own credentials will be automated to run all macros within the file path on a daily basis.

The parallel activities should work then.

In a parallel activity, have the left open the workbook and use the execute macro activity. On the right side of parallel, enter the credentials with type into/click activities

When the robot moves to the second file the selector is missing because the attributes on the selector are looking for the attributes on the first file - how can you best create a variable selector that will apply to all of the files? Can you use the file strings or are the attributes specific to excel?