Robot and orchestrator connection


I have a requirement where the robot has to be deployed in client’s network and my orchestrator is in my organization’s network. In this scenario, can I run my unattended robot in client’s network?

Will the robot be able to establish connection with the orchestrator?

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Do you have unattended License? have you configure it in the orchestrator ?

If do you have an unattended License you can run the robot after configuring

Check out this tutorial


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I have unattended robots but all work in the same network as that of the orchestrator. The client’s network is different and robots cannot access it by rdp.

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I don’t think so it is possible to do like that. We can able to add the different machine.

Can you tell what do mean by accessing the RPD? What was the problem?

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For that to happen first you need to expose your network/Orchestrator to external Internet so that your client network can access the orchestrator .

You need to get in touch with IT team if they would allow this


Thanks for the reply, I will get back to my team with this info

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