what is Rethrow exactly??

Let’s assume we have catched an exception within a try catch construct. With rethrow we can raise again the same exception


The error is re-thrown retaining the original source of the exception. Rethrow can only be used within a Catch block of a TryCatch activity.

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@ppr again raising the same issue what’s the use.
will you explain me in brief.

Maybe you want to catch the original error in a Try Catch that’s inside another Try Catch, to control some steps that are performed, but the ReThrow up to the main Try Catch for further handling. I’ll say it’s not common, or at least not something I do very often, but it has its uses.

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here we do have one of differentations.The origin information will be kept and can be forwarded. Also Paul gave a further explanation. Is now more clear?

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All explanations above plus one more use case:

Let’s assume we use the Try-Catch block and we got an error. In the catch block, we logged the error details and maybe sent a mail to the business user about the transaction and the error. But we don’t have anything to do with the error, we can’t handle it and we want to end the transaction with a business error (this case is mostly used for business errors). For this, we use Rethrow activity.

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