Rethrow exception occurs means


What is rethrow? And it will happens means what bot will do I mean now we are using rethrow in our workflow, if that rethrow exceptio. Handling occurs means what our bot will do

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In UiPath, the Rethrow activity is used within a Catch block to rethrow the caught exception. When an exception is caught using a Catch block, you might want to perform some specific actions and then rethrow the exception to let it propagate up the call stack. The Rethrow activity allows you to do that.

  1. Exception Occurs: An exception is thrown during the execution of your workflow.
  2. Catch Block Execution: The exception is caught by a Catch block that handles the specific exception type. Within this Catch block, you can add custom logic to handle the exception.
  3. Rethrow Activity: After handling the exception, you might want to allow the exception to continue propagating up the call stack. This is where the Rethrow activity comes into play. Placing the Rethrow activity within the Catch block rethrows the original exception.
    // Main workflow logic
Catch ex As SpecificException
    // Handle SpecificException
    LogMessage("SpecificException occurred: " & ex.Message)
End Try

Rethrows are very useful when coming to RE-Framework Templates to handle exceptions.

Follow these videos for better understanding:

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Rethrow Exception Is Look Like
No Ball :
Explain: Ball Is Throw But Not Proper Than Same Ball Throw Again.

Like Exception Is Going But not Second Time Work Than Same Error Throw Second Time.

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To understand the Rethrow exception,

Lets take example,
In Try catch block-

  1. Inside Try block you will add all process sequences or flowchart etc…
    2.In one of the inside XAML file it got exception and u have used throw so it will throw the caught exception.

  2. Now If you are not using rethrow then your exception not thrown at the higher level, so to handle the exception. so we are using rethrow

i hope this explanation will help you to understand it,