Result from Datatable to CV Click the Element

Hi all,

I have been searching, and I haven’t been able to get the solution.

The UI I’m working off is only clickable when using CV Screen Scope.

What I have done and what I want…

  1. CV Screen Scope
  2. Extract Data Table
  3. For each row in Datatable
  4. If row… contains(“number”) = True ---- number (var) changes every 3months
  5. Result is found
    6. CV Click the element where row(x).Tostring = True

I’m stuck on resolving step 6. How do I point CV Click to double click the Element where the datatable found row = True?

I hope this all makes sense. TIA!

You’ll have to also get the coordinate of all the elements

and once you find desired element, that coordinates will help to click on that item, as the CV activities detects the via co-ordinates

Hi, how do I add this action?

All good. I added row(9).Tostring to a variable and added Double Click OCR Text and it worked. Cheers.


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