Restricting access to workflow files


I’d like to know if there are ways to preserve the value of an RPA project by preventing a Client from reading/copying XAML workflows and using/studying them for their own purposes.

We happen to develop robots for Clients on their own machines. This is necessary for a number of reasons, for instance

  • visibility of resources (web sites, folders, applications etc) in their internal network
  • specific features of their environment (e.g. language settings, windows/office versions etc)

Since we stay at our place and do not go to the Client’s site, developing on our own PCs would imply a site2site VPN established between their and our network, and that’s almost never granted.

Folder permissions could be arranged in order to restrict access to files, but the Client can work around them, being the administrator of the development servers.

I’d like to know if there’s any feasible solution, either by UiPath features or by system practices.


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I had found that post, I am afraid it just explains how to prevent editing. I’d like to also prevent copying he XAMLs to anoher system, or make them unusable if copied.

I guess the only way would be a combination: crypted (or obfuscated) workflows + password needed to open a project with Studio.