Restart Button for Debugging mode

Hey there,

i have an idea for a “simple” feature. For debugging it would be fine if studio has a restart button.

How it should work in mho:

  • Stop the debugging session
  • Suppress “Execution has been cancled”
  • Start a new Debugging session

This should be done seamlessly within the debugging view (dont switching back to the standard view).

I´m happy if this would be implemented :slight_smile:


Hi @Lunk

Could you elaborate on the use case? What would be the purpose of re-running your debugging session without making any changes to the project?
During runtime, Studio locks the project in read-only mode, which prevents you from making changes while the debugging session is running (in case you would like to change a time-out value while the project is stuck).

Could you shine some light here? :slight_smile:

Hi @Lunk

Studio now has a Restart button for the debugging :slight_smile:

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