Reply to a sent mail of particular date based on Subject

I want to reply all on my previous email which was sent on pasticular date(any date like 14/01/2023) based on particular Subject using Outlook mail activities.
pls help.

Hi @IT2_08_Saket_Maurya
Using get outlook mail messages activity get those emails by applying filter condition as below and then reply to all using for each email message activity
“[Subject] = ‘Product Roadmap’” AND “[Received] = '14/01/2023 '”

Can u filter the sent folder, and use the reply all activity for the corresponding mail msg

I want to filter email which was sent on particular date.
How we can do this. Please help.

But how to apply this on Sent mail not on received mail.

I see what u mean now. you can try the following my example here…

yourDate is datetime variable.
For your case that would be the date your trying to filter.

This should be a filter condition for your get email activity:

“[SentOn] >= '” + yourDate.ToLongDateString+“’ AND [SentOn] < '” + yourDate.AddDays(1).ToLongDateString+“'”

Hope this helps

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Thank you so much. This is what i was looking.
Very thankful to you sir.

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