Replace regex

Hi All, I am having an issue with replace regex expression. Its not making changes. I ahve a document and a text file ( word i want to change is in the text file. & the information is being read from a document. But its not actually making any change

Hi @Sira

Can you share the input files and expected output so that I can help you.



Are you writing back after the replace?


Yes I need the replace information

So the bot will read the word documen( very huge) in the word application scope i put the document it has to READ!
then in read text i put where it reads the document(again) as a string variable!!
Read text file is where it has information i want to change like version name , etc.

If your goal is to replace the text in the Word document, that’s not going to work. All that will do is change the text in the variable. Either way, there’s zero reason to use Read Text and then Read Text File.

Why not just use the Replace Text in Document activity? It’s a Word activity.

What im reading from is a word document but its very long. So replace text is not working. I have a text file that has words that need to replace from the word document it is reading
Then send an email. Is there any way to do this .

replace text is not working

What does “not working” mean? You have to give us specifics or we can’t help.

I have a text file that has words that need to replace from the word document it is reading

Show us this text file.

Then send an email.

With what in the email?

You have to describe your process with specifics and details. If we don’t know what you’re trying to achieve, we can’t tell you how to achieve it.

Replace text is giving me an error “cannot be longer then 255 characters “
My goal is after the changes are done from reading the word document send a email with the changes that were Made.

So you want to replace the words in the Word document then email it as an attachment? DETAILS

Text file is just notepad with words need to replace like version name, which is found in the Word Document

I want to replace words from my notepad (text file) (version number), etc ,But get that information from the word document.
It first reads the word document that has all information that has to be replace
Ex: version name is 5 its found in the word document. I need that version number 5 inside my text file.

We. Need. Details.

Show us the Word document, show us the text file. Show us your desired output.