Replace parameter must be at most 255 characters long

Getting this error while replacing text in word

Actual logic:

Hi @Vinit_Mhatre

Have a look on the thread

Hope it will helps


is there any another way to solve this issue?

I don’t thing so it possible @Vinit_Mhatre . Try that approach it will work


Hi @Vinit_Mhatre ,

Could you assign the Replacement value to a string variable and check what is the actual value and let us know if that is the value that needs to be replaced ?

Also, we could try by taking only 255 characters or split the String in Chunks of 255/254 characters and loop through the chunks of data replacing the placeholder.

Check if this is helping you Error: LibGit2Sharp.LibGit2SharpException: path too long - #5 by marian.platonov

You could break the whole string into 200 character chunks in an array, plus <puchaveornot> on the end, and then loop through the array with the replace inside. Then after the loop, just replace the remaining <puchaveornot> with nothing.

For replacing longpath files, try using long path tool, it helps.

John, you are right. I have been using Longpath tool and it is effective.