Replace a data with the particular column cell using the column name?

I want to replace a data with a new data to a particular cell of datatable using column name?

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Can you please elaborate your topic with some screenshots or with something else?

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Use Assign Activity,

inputDt.Rows(RowIndex)(ColumnIndex) = “yourValue”

inputDt.Rows(2)(1) = “yourValue”

Please refer this workflow for more details,

ReplaceParticularValueinDt.xaml (8.6 KB)


Their is already a data in a particular cell of a particular column , now I have to replace that data with new data?
I’m performing this operation inside the for each row, so i want to do this replacement to all the rows of a particular column name.?
I used row.item(“Columnname”) = newdata. but its not working or updating that column?

Just by using the column name I have to do it…

How to find the rowindex and columnindex of “row.item(“Columnname”)” of this???..

Their is any other method like… we can use regex or linq queries??

Can you share your xaml or sample Excel sheet with dummy data.

ConvertParticularDateFormat.xaml (10.4 KB)
TestData.xlsx (8.3 KB)

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Please use Assign activity and assign like below -

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The section where i want to assign the newdata , i have commented out…

Its not working.

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Column names usualy dont change so u can use

YourString = “ColumnName”

Write Cell
YourString (10.0 KB)

Please check this file.


Ya I used “OutDataTable2.Rows(i)(“Column2”) = newdata”.
It worked for me…
Thank You:smiley: everyone for your reply

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Its not opening?..

DateTimeParse.xaml (8.8 KB)


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